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A killer lured eleven "contestants" and one by one, s/he is going to murder them one by one until there are none left or they are able to solve the myster and answer the question: "Whodunnit?"

Latest Episodes

The Players

These are the unlucky participants of Deces Manor, and any of them could be the killer.
Stay tune to the end of season 1 to find out who it is.
So far, these participants have been murdered by the killer.


Here, at Gillin High, we value individuality, team spirit, and your dreams. We have a spot each and every person; from Rebels, to Jocks, and even to Heroes. You will find your place here at Gillin High. However, don't do anything disrespectful, because the staff at Gillin High have ways to make sure you don't do it again.

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A man, Dennis Hardman, is a writer with a dream and a community, but the community is too underminded to be able to further his career in story-making. However, late one night, he is introduced to a girl who is, at first, rude to him. Only he has seen the girl, though, and the only time she comes around is when Dennis is alone. Nick Johnson and Juile McKorris, friends of Dennis, tries to get him to realize the girl is not real, but Dennis is hooked on the idea that she is. Whatever is not real can't touch you, right?


Dennis Hardman

Nick Johnson

Juile McKorris

Mysterious Girl


Seven years ago, Funland Amusement's theme park came crashing to the ground. Now, seven years later, Kelly Powell now is fully of Funland Amusement and is trying the theme park gig for her own. As it always goes, there's one vision, one disaster, and twelve survivors. One by one, they start dying mysteriously. Will Robert Beck be able to save the survivors a second time?

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